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When talking about the Indian film industry, several scholars and learned professionals can refer to Hindi Cinema. However, they forget that India, with its diverse cultures and languages, has other regional cinemas that compete with the best worldwide in terms of the number of movies produced and their quality. Unfortunately, the South Indian film industry, like its other regional counterparts, has often been neglected and looked down upon as cheap and vulgar. The reality, though, is strikingly different. Scholars are increasingly using the South Indian film industry’s example to examine the entertainment culture and history of Indian Cinema. The South Indian film industry is predominantly made up of the Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Kannada film industries, which have their own unique culture, and languages. Each of these film industries, affected due to the ongoing Covid-19 crisis, has found a way out to let their audiences watch series online along with movies. The uniqueness that the South Indian Cinema offers is its identity.

In South India, there is no particular reason why people watch movies and web series. They may choose to do so during a festival, a get-together with friends and relatives, if they are happy or feeling bored, or just because they hear good about a movie from someone else. The reasons are endless. Over the years, the South Indian film industry has not only succeeded in creating its own culture but has also emerged as India’s leading movie industry.

Moreover, the growth of Indian Cinema has not been without significant contributions from South Indian actors, directors, technicians, and other creative minds. The unique factors that distinguish the South Indian film industry include the vast fan following, star worship, songs, dances, different genres of films, and to some extent, politics.

Today’s review section features the talk show Sam Jam, hosted by Samantha Akkineni.

The Concept

The talk show’s concept revolves around the host, Samantha Akkineni, asking several questions on guests’ personal lives. There is comedian HarshaChemudu, who, along with Samantha, cracks jokes and indulges in fun activities. The show allows the audience to ask the guests a question. The interactive talk show features Samantha posing questions to the audience. There are numerous activities conducted that involve awarding prizes to guests. Moreover, the show provides a platform for talented artists from different fields to showcase their skills.


The show has been created by Allu Aravind and directed by Seshkumar. The duo brings a certain sense of intimacy and casualness during interviews that emerge as the show’s USP. The thunderous applause the celebrities receive while walking down the aisle, their real-life vulnerability, and fun conversations make the show a hit among viewers.

The Host

Samantha Akkineni seems to be the perfect host. She keeps the conversation light-hearted and the environment friendly. She uses the platform to raise awareness around mental issues by calling doctors in for a small chat. She even helps the needy by giving away various accessories and money.

All in all, the show’s various elements, packed carefully into 55-minute episodes, make Sam Jam a noteworthy watch.

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