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            Most people spend a major chunk trying to make a corpus. So that can offer financial security to their loved ones. Simply putting away savings is not enough. It is necessary to chalk up strategies so that your savings can work for you.  Wealth management software for advisors do just that. Your wealth advisors assist you to create a financial plan in which you can deploy your assets.  If not all your financial goals are met, it helps ensure that your money keeps compounding. Whether it is through effective tax planning or sound investments.

It becomes difficult to meet and set realistic goals. Only if you have a financial strategy. It is important to understand and identify your financial strengths and challenges. Wealth management experts can aid you to make a plan into motion. And periodically track its progress. They help you create strategies. That can ensure the financial security of your loved ones.

Digital Wealth Management 

            Digital wealth management is the digital tool that makes financial advisors. Use for making unified client experiences across all users platforms and devices. These tools help increased transparency and engagement, foster collaboration. And contribute to improving the performance of the financial assets.

Bambu creates digital wealth management solutions for financial institutions. That assists their users to save and invest for the future. Rethinking Digital wealth management, whether you’re launching a Robo-advisor for millennials. Or a tool for your financial advisors. Bambu’s smart APIs and SaaS platform. Deliver an excellent possible experience for your users.

Financial institutions around the world have acquired Bambu’s software and technology. Making wealth management simple and digital. Perfect software for financial advisors, asset managers, banks, and more. Bambu creates possible what was not before.

Why Bambu? 

            Bambu is powered by a team of skilled engineers and a dedicated A. I research team. That is rethinking how digital wealth management should be made with cutting-edge APIs. They are linked with leading financial partners. Their partners include leading financial institutions. Such as Apex Clearing, Refinitiv, Franklin Templeton, and Amazon Web Services. From ready-to-go robos to custom-built digital solutions. Their proprietary software provides wealth management advisors. Latest ways to drive success for clients as they strive to achieve their goals. 


Deploy a white label digital wealth solution. For your customers and/or agents in any market. Lack of fragmented legacy systems and know-how. Hold banks back in their digital transformation journey. Whilst customers are demanding to be part of digital channels. With Bambu, Banks can deploy a white-labeled customized solution that:

  • Empowers their Relationship Managers with goal-based Financial planning methods and assisted onboarding.
  • Provides a self-service Robo-advisor for retail clients. Either integrated or standalone into their current platforms
  • Support intelligent Bambu APIs to create Digital wealth into their Digital Bank suite.

Products that suit your Business:

  • Bambu Go- A ready to go Robo advisor solution, connected to APEX clearing
  • Bambu Build- Your custom white-label solution built to your exact requirements
  • API Library- An open library of modular Robo-advisor in creating blocks.

Insurance Agencies 

            Insurance companies lack the resources and knowledge to digitalize fast enough. With Bambu, Insurance companies can deploy a customized white-labeled digital solution.

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