Planting hemp takes fewer tolls on the environment than other crops

Let’s face it; we all need to eat, wear clothes, and use products made from plastics. The one thing they all have in common is, the products start their lives on a farm. The tea you drink, the oil you cook with, and the pants you wear all begin with a farmer planting a seed. Not all crops are created equal, and some do more harm to the environment than others.


Some people are going to be shocked to learn that something called California hemp is one of the safest crops farmers can grow. Hemp is easy to maintain, can be used to produce many products, and is in high in demand. All three of those things are what push farmers over the edge and guide them towards planting this year’s hemp crop.

There are environmental concerns when it comes to farming

We all believe, and rightfully so, that farmers care more about the planet than most of us do. It makes sense because their livelihoods depend on being able to raise crops from the fertile soil. The minute their soil becomes infertile, their ability to earn money goes out the window. So, with that in mind, it makes sense that a farmer would care about the impact that things such as pesticides and fertilizers have on their land.


Hemp is a very sturdy plant that can take a beating like many can’t; and farmers like that. Farmers don’t have to pollute their land and jeopardize their future to earn a living this year. A farmer’s long-term future is always unknown, and that’s something they must think about at all times. If they destroy the one thing that provides stability for them, it’s possible that next year and the following years won’t be profitable.

It makes sense for farmers to grow hemp

A few short years ago, farmers started to hear about hemp, but they couldn’t grow them because of a myriad of reasons. Today, farmers are given the option to grow hemp, and they couldn’t be happier. The products made from their hemp are found in products that line store shelves all over the country and can be found in countless homes. It’s not too unlikely to believe that you probably have a few hemp products in your possession. If you don’t, you certainly know someone who does. Hemp is at the forefront of technology, and the farmers who make it possible are the ones everyone has to thank for it.

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