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36 Vayasulo is a south indian social comedy film written and directed by RosshanAndrrews. It is tamil film dubbed into Telugu which was actually an official remake of a malayalam film “How old are you?” Jyothika has played a lead role in this film as an official comeback into the film industry after 8 years. This is a film every woman has to watch for some inspiration and motivation towards their life. This film takes a great part in your movie watch-list. There are latest movies on aha ott.

Cast and Crew:

Actor: Rahman

Actress: Jothika

Other actors: Abhirami, Nassar, Delhi Ganesh, Siddhartha Basu

Director: RosshanAndrrews

Banner:2D entertainment

Distributed by: Studio Green

Producer: Suriya

Music: Santhosh Narayan

Cinematography: R. Diwakaran

Editing: Mahesh Narayan

Story By: RosshanAndrrews

Dialogues: Viji

Screenplay: Bobby Sanjay

Other information:

Runtime: 115 mins

Release date: 15 May 2015

Genre: Social Comedy Drama

Budget: 3 crore

Story line:

Vasanthi, a 36 year old woman who works as a UD clerk in the Revenue Department lives along with her husband Tamizhselvan and daughter Mithila.  Tamizhselvan works at All indian radio and aspires to go and settle in ireland. He gets a job there to buy Vasanthi, even after her greatest efforts, could get a job for herself there because of her age problem. Living such a life, she will be summoned by the president of India and she faints in front of everyone as she stands in front of the president and becomes a viral meme in the whole country that people laugh at. Then being in such disgrace, she sends off her husband and daughter and returns home depressed. Then she gets in contact with her old classmate and presently a successful CMO who reminds her of her younger self who is strongly motivated and inspiring characters with an aim to achieve in life. Then with a bit of support from her friend, she starts a business of green house and takes up the offers of healthy catering to functions. Her business gets famous and she becomes a nationwide celebrity who will be again called by the president. With all her confidence, she stands still and answers everything to the president and regains her respect from her husband and daughter along with the people of the nation.

Technical Asset:

  • Music is very soulful! The way they try to connect the emotions with melodious and local fork music to impressive.
  • Editing of the movie is simple, they did not complicate anywhere and it looks simple and neat editing with suitable colouring and edits.
  • The way script was written is beautiful, the story goes in in a flow without any restrictions. It’s fun to watch movies with good scripts.
  • The storyline! The key point for any movie. They maintained the tone of the movie in a very gentle way with women empowering motivation.
  • The characterisation is very well done! They designed the role with care and purpose! They are kind of sorted out with brave roles.

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