The features of the Android Studio

Android Studio employs a Gradle-based build system, emulator, code templates, and Github integration to assist application development for the Android OS. In Android Studio, every project contains one or more modalities that include source code and resource files. These modalities consist of Google App Engine modules, Library modules, and modules for Android apps.

While working on the project, developers can make sure to keep the greatest coding standards. Code produced by Android Studio is incredibly efficient throughout the entire app process. With every industry-best coding technique at your disposal, Android Studio guarantees the greatest results for app development.

Design editor:      

By using the layout editor function of the Android Studio, we can easily design the layout by adding various properties either by hard-coding or drag-and-drop. To preview the codes that can be viewed clearly on the visual editor screen and make adjustments accordingly by dynamically scaling it, the layout editor tool may also be used.

Enabling firebase integration:

Using the firebase function of an android studio, you can gain hands-on experience with IoT-based project creation and dynamic upgrades in the application. Using Firebase connectivity, chat applications may be developed, allowing for a positive chat experience.


To test how the application appears on physical devices, the android studio’s emulator feature offers an emulator that is identical to the android phones. It provides Android applications with a real-time user experience. It enables you to test your applications more quickly and on a wider range of configurations of devices, including android phones and tablets. In essence, running and debugging apps in the Android studio is helpful.

APK analyzer:

The Android Studio APK Analyzer makes it simple to examine the APK contents, and displaying the APK size assures that the APK size is decreased. The same tool also enables asset previews and APK comparisons between various versions. This analyzer tool guarantees better comparison and evaluation of various APKs.

Editor for translations:

The Android Studio Translations Editor tool provides a single comprehensive view of all translated resources. This makes it simple to add to or modify translations. The same instrument can aid in the discovery of lost translations. Additionally, a separate link to obtaining translation services is provided by the tool.

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