The Advantages of Bail Bonds

Bail bonds, also known as bail money, are posted by a third party (usually a friend or family member) to guarantee that the accused party will show for all future court proceedings. Once posted, the bail bond is fully transferable with no risk to the bail money provider.

The advantages of Bail Bonds

Bail bonding is an important part of American criminal justice system which helps protect innocent communities and make room in our prisons for serious offenders by releasing non-violent offenders back into their communities. According to the Federal Justice Statistics Program, in the year 2005, defendants who were released before trial amounted to nearly one-third of all federal defendants.

Aside from assisting law enforcement officers in keeping our streets safer, bail bond agent pa provide protection and peace of mind to individuals and families. Bail bonds allow people to feel comfortable while their loved ones are in custody (whether they’re there by choice or not). Bail bonds are a quick and easy way to secure release and avoid the dangers of incarceration. In addition, bail bonds ensure that defendants show up for court proceedings. If a defendant fails to appear for court or violates the terms of their bond agreement, the bail is forfeited (the money is given back to whoever posted it). This can cripple someone’s finances, or prevent them from getting out of jail at all.

Bail bonds are not a way to get rid of dangerous criminals. You can’t use bail bonds to keep all offenders locked up, because they’ll simply post bail and walk away. Bail bonds are most effective when they’re used against defendants considered low risk. Benefits of Bail Bonds In the past, if an individual tried to commit a crime while out on bail before their trial (especially if they failed to appear for trial or was convicted), their family might not get the money that was posted as part of the bond (defendants generally cannot transfer their bail). Bail bonds are designed to keep a defendant from fleeing the state, and are not intended to be used as a money grab.

Despite their usefulness, bail bonds have been the subject of harsh criticism in the past. The most common is that bail bonds are too expensive for small communities and that they put innocent people at risk for false arrest, kidnapping and other criminal charges. Most of all, your loved one can lose his or her freedom without even being convicted of a crime.

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