Patio Enclosures In Columbia, SC: Adds Both Aesthetic And Economic Value To The Residence Property

A patio enclosure is similar to a sunroom, except it is not built as a house extension. This means a sunroom that is not a part of the house. The sunroom built from scratch is referred to as a patio enclosure. So, patio enclosure and sunroom are two terms used for the same solarium design of a room. But the usage depends upon the location of the room. If the room is built inside the house or is a part of the house, it is known as a sunroom, whereas if the solarium-designed room stands as an independent structure, it is known as a patio enclosure. Modern enclosures such as patio enclosures in Columbia, SC, are pretty standard due to their unique design and free-standing structure independent of the house.

Customizations In A Patio Enclosure

Modern patio enclosures like the patio enclosures in Columbia, SC, are available in different personally customizable variations. The main two aspects available for customization in a patio enclosure are the roof and climate control features. The variations of these two aspects of a patio enclosure are discussed below:

  • Roof- Many types of roofs are possible in a patio enclosure. However, the choice goes to the owner of the patio to decide among different types of roofs. To choose among the different variations of roofs available, one must know about their basic properties. So, the properties of the basic types of roofs are discussed below:
  • Gable- This type of roof is similar to the roofs used in a house. Two roof pitches intersect in the middle and form a triangular shape in the top center.
  • Studio- This type of roof is single-sloped in design. It possesses one slant angle, which acts as its main feature.
  • Glass- A glass roof maximizes sun exposure in the patio enclosure. The property to maximize the sunlight is why this roof option has been quite popular recently.

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