Types and list of cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies: List of the primary and main ones

Here is a list of the main cryptocurrencies, among the most capitalized and traded on the markets.

Bitcoin (BTC) is the reference currency of the entire cryptocurrency industry, is used as a global means of payment and is the undisputed market leader with over 200,000 transactions per day.

Ethereum (ETH) allows not only to validate transactions on the blockchain but also smart contracts , and this is what has made it so popular with investors that they can also invest in Ethereum Classic , a hard fork of ETH Cardano Ecosystem.

Ripple (XRP) has a native cryptocurrency called XRP, but it is a more complex computing network. XRP, the currency, does not serve as a means to store and exchange value, but rather as a token to secure the network and make it work.

Litecoin (LTC) was one of the first cryptocurrencies after Bitcoin. Faster, with more tokens and a new mining algorithm, Litecoin was a real innovation.

Bitcoin Cash (BCH) is one of the first derivations of Bitcoin, created to accelerate the exchange and verification processes of transactions on the blockchain.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) , with “SV” standing for “Satoshi Vision”, is a derivation of Bitcoin Cash that comes closest to the original Bitcoin while maintaining the qualities of Bitcoin Cash.

Let’s continue with the secondary cryptocurrencies: Tether, Polkadot, Chailink, Binance Coin, Crypto Coin, Stellar, Cosmos, Dash, Iota, Zcash.

Emerging cryptocurrencies

There are thousands of cryptocurrencies in circulation and cryptocurrencies with innovative ideas are often born but not all of them are able to spread. Among the most popular emerging cryptocurrencies it is worth mentioning: NEO was born as a platform for decentralized applications based on blockchain. It aims to use smart contracts in the wake of Ethereum.

Tron is a project that goes beyond cryptocurrency, proposing a system to distribute content for entertainment.

Monero is the most anonymous cryptocurrency, with a new algorithm it is able to hide the user’s track on the blockchain.

Cardano   is a platform created to manage smart contracts quickly and safely , a natural evolution of Ethereum.

Tezos is starting to emerge for its internal protocol encryption and security. EOS is designed by developing ethereum, so it offers a platform to build decentralized applications.


Cryptocurrencies are independent of politics and banks, they are practically anonymous and very volatile, therefore they attract investors and speculators. What one cannot help but notice is that they are currently an alternative and highly profitable form of investment , and there is a high probability that the entire cryptocurrency sector will grow dramatically in the near future. If you want to invest in Cryptocurrencies but have no trading experience, start with a Demo account, without paying any money. You can simulate investments without taking risks, here the money is virtual.

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