The Wonderful Benefits of Hot Stone Massage to Your Body & Mind

Massage is one way for people to relax, de-stress, and calm themselves after a long day at work. And there are many types of massage that offer different benefits. You might have heard of the traditional Thai massage or Swedish massage. But one kind of massage that uses items is the hot stone massage. It’s a type of calming massage therapy where the practitioner uses hot stones to help ease and relax tense muscles and damaged tissues throughout your body. So if you’re searching for a spa that offers hot stone massage, make sure to check out My Body Shop at

During a hot stone massage, hot stones that are flat, smooth, and heated are placed at specific parts of your body. The stones used are made out of basalt, which is a volcanic rock that can retain heat. These are typically heated between 130 and 145 degrees. Do you want to know the benefits of hot stone massage? Read on more below to find out!

A Great Massage to Relieve Muscle & Joint Pain

Since heat is popularly known to ease pain in muscles and joints, a hot stone massage is ideal for you if you’re suffering from these issues. That’s because the heat increases the blood flow to the affected area. A hot stone massage is also known to increase range of motion and flexibility while reducing muscle spasms. On the other hand, cold stone massages can help relieve inflammation. Depending on your symptoms, you can alternate on both hot and cold stones.

An Effective Stress-Reliever

When you get a massage, you instantly feel at ease. As it you don’t have a lot of worries or problems anymore. That’s because massage therapy is known to help alleviate your body and mind from stress. For example, according to 2001 research, a ten-minute massage can already improve cardiovascular responses. A 1997 study also showed that a 15-minute, onsite chair massage could significantly reduce stress compared to a 15-minute break.

Can Promote Sleep

Aside from sleeping pills, massages are a great way to help you go to sleep. For example, back massages can promote both relaxation and sleep. Aside from that, infants with sleeping problems went to sleep faster after a 15-minute massage. And once they wake up, they are more alert, active, and positive. So you get to enjoy your sleep more with the help of a massage.

Overall, massages can provide benefits to the mind and body. And once you’re ready to take care of those muscle tension and joint pain, you must try hot stone massage. Who knows? It might be the remedy that you needed all along.


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