Self-Standing display for Promoting

A life size cut out figure which is large and self-standing and promoting a promotion is called as a standee. The pull up standee is used to display products, sale advertising which are in the life size cut outs. The material which is used is foam board mostly it can be self-standing poster or a display which is three dimensional with hovered lighting for the display to make it more attractive.

Types of Standees:

If searched we can find various types of standees, they are roller banner stands, roll ups banners, pull up standees, retractable banner stands and pop-upbanner displays. All of them have the same mechanism as the standee.

Standee working:

The works on the banner cassette and the poles which is the stand base.Most of the standees will have a carrier along with them for easy transportation and for also for storing. The base is flat and made of metal which is very sturdy can be used any where any place. The base or the cassette contains the printed banner with graphic designs and it is rolled inside the roller mechanism. It is a like a piece of paper rolled to a pencil and kept in a box.

The poles are multi sectional when pulled and they are the supporting barrier when the banner is pulled and it is clipped to the top most part. Once the banner stand is ready the height can be adjusted as per the requirement.The banner stand is very handy to carry and the base is highly protective as it is made of metal for which it is considered to be most important item for the exhibitions and shows.

Major uses of the Standee:

It is well under stood that standee is very easy to install and carry from one place to another and the assembling can be done in minutes and very easy to transport. This is why the standee is a promotional tool for displaying for printed banners. The uses are very varied and some applications in which these standees are used are

  • Exhibition and trade shows – All the banners are displayed will be mostly standees
  • Reception areas – Mostly to advertise about the organizational setups
  • Outdoor events – To show the list of events
  • In Store promotions – All major products information
  • Car Showrooms – To show the features the cars.


A life size cut out figure which is large and self-standing and promoting promotion is called as a standee which is used to display all the promotional, features and events information. Standees are very hand to carry and assemble this is why they are most preferred display units in any activities.

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