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Have you ever wondered how frequently you should get massages if you want to get them on a regular or unusual basis? This is frequently brought up with therapists after massage and it’s time to schedule the next appointment. However, it will vary depending on each individual’s needs, there is a general guideline to determine how frequently you should get them.

You may be stressed because of an injury or simply in your daily life, in which case a massage would be extremely beneficial in reducing your stress. If your pain is reduced or you started your pain management treatment at a lower pain level, you may only need a massage once a week or every other week as the pain subsides.


Sometimes all you need is to reduce stress in your life or find a way to manage the stress that you can’t avoid. Massage is a great way to reduce stress and relieve the body, whether it’s from your job, having children, or other physical or mental demands.

This is common in people who work or live in high-stress environments, as well as travellers. Massage on a weekly or two week once basis can help you cope up with your busy schedule much more easily. It’s beneficial to reduce stress and have something to look forward to each week. You may not realise how sore you are until you get a massage, even if you are sore from everyday stresses.

For others, pain management is the reason for their visits and the source of their stress throughout the week. If you are in pain as a result of an injury and want to reduce or manage your pain, massage therapy is an excellent option. Your pain management needs may differ from those of others, requiring a personalised massage. Visit https://smileanma.com for more information.

If you are in severe pain but it does not require continuous medical attention, you could get a massage once or twice a week for the first week, then reduce the frequency as the weeks progress, unless two visits per week are still required.

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