This website aims to provide you will all the support, advice and resources you need for your growing project, to help you grow food in your plot, garden or schools, and to use the produce you grow. There are also many other organisations who can provide more direct support, funding and advice. Details of them can be found on the Organisations page.

The Advice & Resources section contains guides and documents on growing, covering types of growing, accessing land, governance of growing groups, regulations, site design, volunteer recruitment etc. It is split into two sections, covering allotments and community growing, with an additional page for advice on community orchards. There are also resources and ideas for social activities, educational resources, links to funders and funding opportunities.

The GYOWG Scotland also aim to support and advice Local Authorities with their responsibilities to produce a Food Growing Strategy in the Community Empowerment Act. There is a Food Growing Strategy section of the website underdevelopment, and a Knowledge hub group has been set up to facilitate the sharing of experience and knowledge between Local Authority staff.