Food Growing Strategies

The Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act includes a new responsibility for Local Authorities to prepare a Food Growing Strategy. This strategy will identify land in the Local Authority's area that the Local Authority considers may be used as allotment sites, and other land that could be used by community for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers. It should also describe how the local authority intends to increase the provision of allotments and community growing, especially in areas of socio-economic disadvantage.

How to use Community Planning Partnerships to help your community growing project

Community Planning Partnerships help inform Local Development Plans and Single Outcome Agreements - both of these local policies could affect your community growing project (eg: they determine local authorities' priorities for funding, which services should be provided, what land should be used for), so find out how you can be involved.

How to start a community growing project

Widening access to community growing

How to grow your own fruit and veg

Information relating to land access

Resources for community orchards

Governance of a community growing project

Including example leases

Garden for Life leaflets

Garden for Life, Garden for butterflies, Garden for birds, Garden for life in pots and containers, Garden for food, Garden without peat, Garden for Orchards.

Resources for allotments

Central Scotland Green Network – Community Growing Audit & Summary