Wester Hailes Health Agency


40 Dumbryden Drive
EH14 2QR


Please direct enquiries to:
Joyce Changes

Tel: 0131 458 3080

Email: joyce@whhealthagency.co.uk

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What we do

The Wester Hailes Health Agency objectives are to:

  •  Address health inequalities
  • Promote healthy lifestyles
  • Improve individual mental well-being
  • Support access to information and resources
  • Work strategically

Main Activities

Mental Health Services; Counselling, CBT, Coping with Anxiety group

Physical Activities; Tai Chi, Pilates, Yoga, Green Gym

Ease into exercise, Aqua Fit, Aerobics, Walking Group

GI Jane Fitness Camp

Group work; Auricular Acupuncture Group, Women’s  Group, Carers Group, Knitting Group, Budget Cookery Course, Calders Community Garden, Drop-in Group, Card-making Group

Complementary Therapies. Massage and Reflexology

Substance Misuse Service

West Edinburgh Time Bank

Wester Haven Project