Central Scotland Green Network


CSGN Support Unit, c/o CSFT
Hillhouseridge, Shottskirk Road
North Lanarkshire


Please direct enquiries to:
Sue Evans

Tel: 01501 824 191

Email: sue.evans@centralscotlandgreennetwork.org

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What we do

The CSGN is a national development within the second National Planning Framework (NPF2). It aims to change the face of Central Scotland by restoring and improving the rural and urban landscape of the area, making a significant contribution to Scotland’s sustainable economic development. 

 It is a strategic network of woodland and other habitats, active travel routes, greenspace links, watercourses and waterways, providing an enhanced setting for development and other land uses and improved opportunities for outdoor recreation and cultural activity.


Main Activities

  •  Establishing effective engagement and communications
  • Supporting existing and emerging regional partnerships
  • Laying the policy and planning foundations for the CSGN
  • Ensuring the CSGN is fully reflected in strategic and local development plans
  • Supporting early delivery projects
  • Supporting flagship demonstration projects