Community Empowerment Act: Part 9 Consultation

Part 9 of the Community Empowerment Act refers to Allotments and food growing.

It requires local authorities to maintain waiting lists and take reasonable steps to provide allotments if the waiting lists exceed certain trigger points. It also strengthens the protection for allotments and clarifies the rights of local authorities and plot holders.

There is also a requirement for local authorities to develop a food growing strategy for their area, including identifying land that may be used as allotment sites and identifying other areas of land that could be used by a community for the cultivation of vegetables, fruit, herbs or flowers.

The Government are currently consulting on Guidance for Local Authorities to assist them in carrying out their duties under Part 9 of the Act, this covers allotments and the development of Food Growing Strategies. For full details of the consultation and how to respond, click here.

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