Community Gardening

How to start a community growing project

Community Growing Pack (greenspace scotland) This pack has been developed to help Scottish communities explore new places and more ways to grow their own food. Use it to help you: get inspired and spark ideas about community growing with your group or people in your area, map and audit your local spaces and places that could be used for growing food explore the range of community growing options think about the practicalities of different growing approaches and find the ones that will work best for your community plan local action to develop your community. Example of its use – Edible Twechar

Community Growing Resource Pack (Social Farms and Gardens). A comprehensive introduction to setting up, developing and sustaining a community-managed farm, garden or related community growing space.


Land Access and site design

Who Owns the Land – a resource created by Growing together and CLAS to provide information on how to find out who owns land in Scotland.
Guide for growing on contaminated land – a guide providing advice to help community groups who want to grow food to assess and tackle the issue of soil contamination.

Community Land Advisory Service – an impartial, collaborative service aiming to increase community access to land across the UK.

Stalled spaces – advice and a first point of contact from Glasgow City Council for anyone in the area who wishes to improve a ‘Stalled Space’.

Guide for Landowners – guide from Community Land Advisory Service on models of food growing.

Access to land network – a European network of grassroots organisations securing land of agroecological farming

Soil Association – helping to make good food the easy choice across Scotland

Online Scottish land information service – new resource which will allow people to access comprehensive information about any piece of land or property in Scotland for the first time. Likely to be a useful starting point for anyone trying to find out who owns land, in conjunction with our ‘who owns the land’ guide.

How to engage in the planning process – this guide seeks to help you think creatively about how to engage in the planning process. It looks at real circumstances or possible examples which may help communities think of alternative ways to be involved.


Governance of a community growing project

Growing Together – an initiative set up in 2013 to help unlock income, land and skills for community growing groups, so they could become more financially self-sustaining. Includes advice on identifying who owns land, business models, crowd funding and selling produce amongst others.

Directory of Social Change – a range of detailed publications including governance, management, fundraising and finance. Not growing specific, but a useful resource.

The Social Farms and Gardens Community Growing Resource Pack is a comprehensive introduction to setting up, developing and sustaining a community-managed farm, garden or related community growing space.

Minding Their Own Business – Community Food and Health Scotland guide for community food and health organisations to consider the social enterprise business model

Volunteers – Social Farms and Gardens Community Growing Resource Pack includes information and advice on Insurance, Health and Safety and Risk assessments, recruitment and training relating to volunteers. :

Advice on all aspects of volunteering – Volunteer Scotland


How to grow

Vegetable Expert– an in-depth website with advice and guidance on how to plant, grow, harvest, store and cook all types of vegetables, from beginners to experts wanting to try some new crops.

Royal Horticultural Society – An A-Z listing of how to grow a range of fruit and veg.

Garden Organic – organic gardening advice


Growing your membership

Chillies and Roses (Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens) – Examples of good practice and innovative ideas to support community garden projects meet the needs of, and engage with, multi-ethnic communities

Trellis factsheets– Guidance specific to gardening with/for people with specific needs. Covers basic growing topics, as well as specialist topics such as
What is therapeutic gardening
Dementia and gardening
No-sweat planting guide
Garden activity suggestions

Thrive – Carry on Gardening – practical advice to help you carry on gardening whatever your disability

Engaging schools, children and families

Community growing network