Watch Us Grow

Watch Us Grow is a Cumbernauld-based charity, based at Palacerigg Country Park, which provides a supportive environment for adults with additional support needs or with mental health problems. It started in 1999, in recognition that there was a need for opportunities for people with special needs.

The community garden provides a therapeutic learning experience where self- confidence and self-esteem can develop along with a range of skills to do with organic gardening, recycling and composting. The project enables people to move on to a supported paid position within Watch US Grow in the Community, the Environmental Task Force, or Nursery Needs where children’s nursery equipment is recycled for re-sale.

Jamie Hepburn MSP and Naomi Knights from the Federation of City Farm and Community Gardens visited the project in 2012 to see for themselves the work that takes place here and found people actively involved repotting, de- mossing the grassy areas and planting up hanging baskets.  

“Watch Us Grow and The Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens are both admirable organisations which both promote gardening and other such similar skills within the community, giving individuals opportunities to learn and implement useful techniques and also to develop both social and personal skills too.”  Jamie Hepburn MSP.






In 2013, Watch us Grow would like to continue with their many activities in the community garden and be able to offer further employment opportunities.