Rubha Phoil

Rubha Phoil Forest Garden is situated at Armadale Pier (by the ferry), on the beautiful Sleat peninsula, Isle of Skye.


For over 20 years this enchanting 16 acre woodland penisula has been developed, using  permaculture principles. Plants which feature within the partial shade cast by the trees include in this edible landscape include sorrel, sweet cicely, mint, lemon balm, red-podded peas, cauliflower, broccoli, sprouts and kale.  Soil from wormaries helps to neutralise the natural acidity of the peat soil. This community forest garden engages with the local school, supplies the local seafood café with herb salads and provides volunteer opportunities for both locals and for people from further afield.

Emphasis is placed on growing and collecting seed from native species of plants, fruits and herbs, due to their climatic suitability. Vegetables, fruit, edible flower seedlings and willow slips are raised and sold from the potting shed/retail outlet near the ferry car park.

Surrounded mainly by water (therefore sheep and deer being excluded) the land has regenerated naturally with oak, aspen, birch, rowan, sycamore, alder, scots pine, elder, white beam, holly, blackthorn etc. along with a verdant under-storey of indigenous herbs including skullcap, foxglove, many sorrels, pig nut, etc. To visit in May/June is the best time to see the iridescent display of bluebells, then the rhododendrons, followed by the foxgloves, etc. in what we now have come to regard as our enchanted woodland!

Present: A self-sustainable organic smallholding working on permaculture principles.

Future: Rubha Phoil Retreats: a tranquil place for paying guests, housed in innovative eco-friendly structures.

Opportunities: Hard-working volunteers and experienced gardeners are always welcome to help us maintain the many footpaths and features around the headland.