Muiravonside Community Growing Area

Muiravonside Community Growing Area is based within Muiravonside Country Park. There are 34 small in-ground plots and 6 wheelchair accessible raised beds on a hardstanding area. The growing area was set up by Maddiston Community Council but is now run by the Muiravonside Growing Area Committee which is made up of plot holders.

The project came out of an Action Plan that Maddiston Community Council put together back in 2014 which showed that there was a desire for space to grow and, when no suitable space could be found within the village itself, Falkirk Community Trust suggested that one could be set up in nearby Muriavonside Country Park in 2016.

Once agreement to use the park had been made, a border fence and container were bought, then it was a case of marking out plots and starting to grow. After the first 6 months, there was enough people to form a committee and the project was handed to the plot holders to push forward.

The group are always looking for ways to improve the site, and have recently received grants to put in a reed bed filtration system and under water tanks to provide an onsite, environmentally friendly water source, as well as deal with some flooding issues from the car park. They are also looking at ways to store manure from the nearby farm.

Despite only having been growing for 2 years, the project were awarded Outstanding in the It’s Your Neighbourhood awards (Maddiston Community Council) and nominated for RSPB’s Nature of Scotland award for the community initiative in Food and Farming category.