Loanhead Organic Garden

Loanhead Community Learning Centre, with its community garden provides a hub, bringing people of all ages together to share ideas, support each other and have fun

To take part in the community gardening activities, the gardening project runs drop in sessions, for groups (Carr Gomm, The Action Group), and individuals (some people are referred through Bonnyrigg and Dalkeith Medical Services), at specific times during the week. Community gardening provides opportunities to meet with other people, get fresh air and exercise and work with nature, all of which can help improve mental health and physical well-being.

One young volunteer related how much his time at LCLC meant to him. He has found supportive people, friends and new skills growing fruit and vegetables. He emphasised how the way ahead was looking better than it had done a few months before, when he was in the mists of depression.

 Within Midlothian this kind of resource is invaluable as new housing estates with no or few facilities can leave people feeling isolated. Furthermore at a time when young people need more employment opportunities, LCLC can provide opportunities for people to learn new skills which will help lead to employment in the future.    

Colin Beattie MSP said of his visit to the garden, “I greatly enjoyed my visit with the members of Loanhead Organic Garden. Projects such as these provide great opportunities for the community to volunteer in a range of areas and it is through the hard work of members and volunteers that Loanhead Community Garden will continue to be a success.”

For more information to do with Loanhead or to find out more about volunteering opportunities please get in touch with Paula Jackson  0131 440 2541