Granton Community Gardeners

Granton is a former social housing estate in North Edinburgh, and one of Edinburgh's most economically deprived areas. Granton Community Gardeners began simply in 2010 when a few residents got together for a barbecue and began to share ideas of growing food, making new friends, and improving the neighbourhood. They began with no money, and just a few folk planting some seeds on an empty street corner. Little by little the group began to meet more regularly, and with a very grassroots approach began to develop further street corners, a cafe and a community ceilidh!


The project has expanded and blossomed since 2010, to involve 100 locals who make regular use of 5 separate growing areas, whilst still be fully community led and having a minimal budget.

granton2Granton Community Gardener’s ethos is to look after the gardens collectively, organise community events with a strong emphasis on shared food, and to celebrate often. Neighbours in Wardieburn have commented on how it has ‘changed the whole feel of the street.’ They hold frequent community harvest meals, summer barbecues and an infamous Burn’s Night ceilidh which has grown in recent years to have over 200 local people in attendance. The central emphasis is about encouraging shared food, growing and the spirit of working together to empower disadvantaged communities to become more self-sustainable.

Granton Community Gardeners meet every Tuesday and Saturday 11am to 1pm, on the corner of Wardieburn Road & Boswall Parkway. All are welcome, no experience or tools required.  Community meals run on Tuesdays, either in the local Church or the garden itself, depending on the weather. granton4

For more information contact:  or have a look at their Facebook Page
Granton Community Gardeners

They are currently looking into the possibilities of keeping chickens, expanding into new areas, and beginning their own football team..