Gorgie City Farm

Gorgie City Farm (2.5 acres) has been a much-loved part of the local community in Edinburgh for the past 30 years. It is dedicated to inspiring visitors to the farm who come to see a variety of animals, enjoy local produce within the farm café, relax in the garden, or take part in the activities and events that happen throughout the year.

Gorgie City Farm serves as a unique outdoor resource offering hands on educational and learning opportunities for all our visitors and offers educational tours and workshops for organised groups, including schools. We also promote community development, environmental sustainability, and social inclusion by providing volunteering opportunities for all.

Gorgie Farm has a range of enterprise activities including  ‘mobile pet services’ which takes small animals from our Pet Lodge to visit residents with additional support needs in residential care homes in and around Edinburgh, birthday parties (which include pony rides, animal feeding and a cuddle corner), and a pet boarding service!

The gardening project attracts a range of people including those who want to contribute to a local community project, retired people, unemployed people, those with mental and physical health problems, people suffering from social isolation and people on low incomes.

A variety of groups use the garden including local schools, nurseries and youth groups.  There are various ‘corporate’ groups contributing to the project – especially with one-off large projects. The garden project also holds events and activities to encourage volunteers to make new friends, broaden their social lives and mostly have fun!

Find out more by visiting www.gorgiecityfarm.org.uk

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