General resources / advice

Scottish Plotholders Guide – Covers the basic culture of allotment gardening and allotment law

Grow your own allotment – advice from Scottish Allotment and Gardens Society, part 1 of the Galvanising Grassroots series

Site Design Guide – a guide aimed at people designing allotment sites and those who have the responsibility for the approval of planning permission. This guide provides good practice so that the general public can have confidence that allotment sites are being designed to a set of standards

A Huts of Ones Own and Tatties for Tea – two publications documenting the experiences of plotholders in Glasgow

Raising Spirits – a journey of discovering into allotments, well-being and community


Governance and regulations

Good Governance – the second publication in the Galvanising Grassroots series produced by SAGS, focusing on Governance as a key to successful allotments

Exemplar constitutions and leases (Scottish Allotments and Gardens Society)

Briefing paper on Allotment Law – The Community Empowerment Act has recently brought together all allotment law, superseding this briefing paper, however. the page on the SAGS website still contains some useful background information, particularly on past Allotment Acts and COSLA guidance.

Community Empowerment Act Part 9 Guidelines


Information relating to land access

Who Owns the Land – a resource created by Growing together and CLAS to provide information on how to find out who owns land in Scotland.

Guide for growing on contaminated land – a guide providing advice to help community groups who want to grow food to assess and tackle the issue of soil contamination.

Community Land Advisory Service – an impartial, collaborative service aiming to increase community access to land across the UK.

Guide for Landowners – guide from Community Land Advisory Service on models of food growing.

Access to land network – A European network of grassroots organisations securing land of agroecological farming

Soil Association – helping to make good food the easy choice across Scotland

Online Scottish land information service – new resource which will allow people to access comprehensive information about any piece of land or property in Scotland for the first time. Likely to be a useful starting point for anyone trying to find out who owns land, in conjunction with our ‘who owns the land’ guide.

How to engage in the planning process – This guide seeks to help you think creatively about how to engage in the planning process. It looks at real circumstances or possible examples which may help communities think of alternative ways to be involved.


How to grow your own fruit and veg

How to start a community orchard factsheet (Federation of City Farms and Community Gardens). More information on fruit growing is available to download below

Vegetable Expert – an in-depth website with advice and guidance on how to plant, grow, harvest, store and cook all types of vegetables, from beginners to experts wanting to try some new crops.

National Vegetable Society Guide “Getting Started on the Allotment” – a beginners guide to growing vegetables

National Allotment Society – webpages written with the novice gardener in mind. Included is advice on what you can do on your allotment on a monthly basis, plant profiles which give some background notes on the different types of fruit and vegetables available to grow, and a section on different gardening methods.

Royal Horticultural Society – an A-Z listing of how to grow a range of fruit and veg.

Garden Organic – advice on growing organically, including managing soil, growing different varieties, harvesting and managing weeds, pests and diseases.